Emergency Management

Mission Statement:

Jerome County Office of Emergency Management (JCOEM) exists to serve the community members of the County through effective planning, response, and mitigation of natural and man-made disasters.

About JCOEM: 

JCOEM coordinates the response of local agencies in an emergency, ensuring that the most appropriate resources are available to respond to impacted areas in a time of disaster. Through its various programs, JCOEM works with local governments, volunteer organizations and the private sector throughout Jerome County to develop and teach disaster preparedness plans, mitigation activities and provide training and exercise evaluations.


The following is a brief explanation of JCOEM responsibilities:

  • Maintain and develop local emergency management programs, projects and plans required by state and federal government.
  • Maintain the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for Jerome County and incorporated cities of Jerome, Eden, and Hazelton.
  • Act as a liaison with local, state and federal authorities during major emergencies and disasters.
  • Provide 24-hour coordination of resources for emergencies and disasters.

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