County Ordinance Procedure

The Code Enforcement Office’s highest priority is the safety and welfare of all of its Citizens. Violations of County Ordinances are a serious matter and are responded to accordingly.

Enforcement of the ordinances of the County is the responsibility of the Jerome County Sheriff’s Department. The Code Enforcement Office may assist the Sheriff’s Department in the investigation phase of the complaint on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners.  If possible, the Code Enforcement Office will attempt to mitigate the violation prior to initiating legal action. Violators of a County Ordinance may be cited for an infraction. The citation must be signed by the party who witnessed the violation. The citation may only be served by the Sheriff, Chief Deputy or other sworn Sheriff’s Deputy.  If the citation is challenged in court, the witness who signed the citation may be contacted to testify.

The Code Enforcement Office is not available during non-business hours and may not always be available for immediate response to complaints.  If the reporting party requires an immediate response, they may contact the Sheriff’s Department through the 911 emergency line or the non-emergency line at 208-324-1911. The reporting party may be requested to sign a citation provided there is sufficient evidence to prove an infraction.

County Ordinance complaints may be telephoned in or submitted in writing. In order to thoroughly and accurately investigate a complaint, please include the following information:

  1. Name, address and phone number of complainant (reporting party);
  2. Property or legal address of where the complaint has occurred;
  3. Property owner and contact information of the violator (if known);
  4. State the complaint you wish to have investigated;
  5. Duration of the complaint or violation; and
  6. Action requested and desired outcome.

Upon receiving your complaint, the Code Enforcement Office will investigate your complaint as quickly as possible. The priority and length of the investigative process is dependent on the complexity of the investigation and the consideration of the safety of an individual or community.

Thank you,

Shawn D. Denham

Code Enforcement Officer

Jerome County Planning & Zoning Department