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Please note: When calling in an inspection you may request morning or afternoon; we do not guarantee the time our inspector will be able to be on site.

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About Us

The Building Safety Department provides inspection, plan review, and investigative services to the unincorporated areas of Jerome County and also to those cities that have entered into intergovernmental agreements with the county to provide building code services. The department also provides plan review and inspection services for county construction projects, using the minimum standards furnished by the International Building Codes, which enhances our goal of applying building codes in a matter consistent with the majority of the building departments throughout the country.

Our mission is to provide the residents of Jerome County quality service in a timely manner and to provide answers to questions regarding building issues.

Public Records/Information

If you would like information or records pertaining to a building permit in Jerome County, please fill out our public information request form and send it via fax 208-324-9263 or email to the building department.

When do you need a permit in Jerome County? (Residential Use Only)
  • Remodels and Additions
  • If the structure is over 200 sqft
  • If there are utilities installed in the structure, i.e. electricity or plumbing
  • If the structure is permanently affixed to the ground