Department of Motor Vehicles

COVID-19 with image of the virus

Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus our office is taking extra precautions for the health and safety of the public and our staff. We will be closed to the public until further notice. You can call 208-644-2730 or email for more information.

Please utilize the online registration or mail your registration to:

300 N. Lincoln Ste 209, Jerome, ID 83338

New Vehicle Purchase

If you have purchased a new vehicle from a dealer please return to the dealer for an extension.

For personal vehicle sales please slide the paperwork under the DMV door for evaluation.

Please Note: There is no title work after 4 p.m.

No trabajo de títulos después de las 4 p.m.

The State of Idaho now requires the social security number or driver’s license number of all registered owners of the vehicle. Please do not forget to bring all your information. Thank You.

Please have your registration or license plate number ready as this will speed up the process and eliminate the time spent waiting in lines.

If you need to obtain or renew your drivers license please contact or visit the Sheriffs Office.

Online Vehicle Registration

Online vehicle registration is now available.

Drive Insured!

Vehicle owners without vehicle insurance coverage for two consecutive months will receive a warning and be given 30 days to provide proof of insurance or obtain an exemption before their vehicle registration is suspended.

Exemption Forms

  • Insurance Exception Form – Documentation to be submitted when insurance vendor does not report to the Idaho insurance verification system, for self-insured vehicles, and other situations.
    • Along with the form, you must provide proof of liability insurance or other documentation to verify the existence of insurance or proof of financial responsibility.
  • Vehicle Non-Use Form – Documentation to be submitted if vehicle is not currently in use.
  • Release of Liability Form – Documentation to be submitted when you no longer own a vehicle.

Online Status Checker: Vehicle License Plates | Vehicle Title