The Jerome County Sheriff’s Office patrol division consists of sixteen patrol deputies. Patrol is commanded by a Patrol lieutenant and two Patrol Sergeants. Each Sergeant supervises a patrol team.

Patrol deputies are responsible for patrolling Jerome County, which is approximately 600 square miles. Patrol deputies respond to calls for service within Jerome County. These types of calls include; traffic collisions, medical emergencies, criminal and civil complaints.

Patrol Deputies enforce traffic laws on all public roadways within Jerome County. Patrol Deputies also participate in state and federal grant programs to raise awareness for traffic safety.

Within patrol there are several specialized assignments.

Jerome County Sheriff’s Office has two certified K-9 Deputies. K-9 Deputies utilize their K-9 partners to locate drugs and narcotic equipment. They are also used in the apprehension of suspected criminals.

The Jerome County Sheriff’s Office also has a School Resource Deputy located at Valley School. Valley School is located between Eden and Hazelton. The School Resource Deputy is responsible for the safety and security of Valley School.

The Jerome County Sheriff’s Office has a Marine Patrol program that is responsible for the County’s waterways. Marine Patrol assists and conducts search and rescue operations as well.

Jerome County Sheriff’s Office works with surrounding local, state, and federal agencies to achieve our goal of public safety.


If you would like to report information anonymously, please call SIRCOMM's non-emergency line for reporting at 208-324-1911.