November 2017 Election

November 7th 2017 is election day for City Council and/or Mayoral races in Jerome County

The City of Jerome has two City Council seats up for election as well as the Mayor's seat.

The City of Eden has three City Council seats up for election

The City of Hazelton has two City Council Seats up for election


to view the ballot for your cities election see below. You must be a resident within the city limits to vote.

City of Jerome

City of Eden

City of Hazelton

The Minidoka School District and the Shoshone School District are running elections this November as well. The Minidoka School District is conducting a Levy Election, and the Shoshone School District is conducting a Bond Election. If you live within the Shoshone School District we will be mailing you your ballots by October 14th. If you have recently moved into the school district and are not registered yet you can do so at the County Courthouse. If you do this before October 14th we will mail out your ballot to you. Or you can visit the Courthouse on election day Nov. 7th and vote then. The Minidoka School District election will take place at your normal precinct at Hazleton City Hall


Below are the School Districts ballots for November 7th

Minidoka School Levy

Shoshone School Bond


If you have any questions please contact the Jerome County Elections Department at         208-644-2715