Jerome County Jail

Mission Statement

The men and women of the Jerome County Correctional facility will provide professional managed detention services to offenders in the accordance with rulings by the court. We will be sensitive and responsive to the needs of our citizens and inmates. We provide for the basic human needs of the inmates with emphasis on constructive programs and rehabilitative opportunities.

We are committed to protecting and extending democratic values. We listen and show respect for the views, differences and rights of all people.

We take pride in our professional accomplishments and abilities through training and educational opportunities we will continue to ensure professionalism. It is our responsibility to be innovative and to be proactive before our citizens are victimized and to work with our community to prevent crime and reduce violence.

Jail Inmate Visiting Information

  • All visitations are done via video visits. 
  • Set up an account by going to Getting Out or by contacting ViaPath through the friends and family customer service line at 1-866-516-0115.