Planning & Zoning Complaint Procedure

Jerome County Planning and Zoning Office will investigate all complaints in accordance with Chapter 20-10 of the Jerome County Zoning Ordinance. The Planning and Zoning Office is concerned for the safety and welfare of all of it's Citizens. Violations of the Ordinance are a serious matter and are responded to accordingly. The Administrator will make every reasonable attempt to mitigate the violation prior to sending the matter to the County Prosecutor for Legal Action. Property Inspections, Mitigation Meetings, and other activity utilized in mitigation attempts are strictly between the Property Owner and the Planning and Zoning Staff. As a courtesy the Planning and Zoning Staff will provide the Complainant with information regarding any action taken by the Staff in relation to the complaint filed after the investigation is concluded. Please note on the complaint form if you do or do not wish to receive information after the complaint is filed.

In order to receive serious consideration, please include the following information:

  1. Property or legal address of where the complaint has occurred
  2. Property owner and contact information (if known)
  3. State the complaint you wish to have investigated
  4. Duration of violation
  5. Action requested
  6. Name, address, and phone number of complainant
  7. If the complainant wishes to receive information on action taken by the County

The Complainant may submit their complaint in writing with the above information or fill out the attached form. Without the above information the Planning and Zoning Office may not investigate your complaint or contact you regarding the complaint.

Upon receiving your complaint, the Planning and Zoning Office will then investigate your complaint as quickly as possible. The investigation scheduling is dependent on the workload and the consideration of the safety of an individual or community.

Nancy Marshall

Planning and Zoning Administrator